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"john lennon" 
i was going for something up-close and personal with this piece so i found a few pics and combined them as reference and worked from there. also wanted to keep the colour palate fairly simple so i started in black and white then added the orange and blue to the mix…a nice punch.
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Unconcealed, 2014
Artist Gale Hart found it necessary to take part in gun culture while creating her latest exhibition, “Unconcealed.” Sculptures of firearms fabricated from steel, wood, plexi-glass and live ammunition will be on display. Photographs documenting people interacting with the guns will also be exhibited.
What: Unconcealed, a solo show by Gale Hart
When: April 25th thru May 24th; Opening Reception, Saturday April 26th
Where: Bash Contemporary, 210 Golden Gate Avenue, San Francisco CA 94102
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Photograph by Robert Triboli.
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The dreams of the unconscious by Fabiola Viviano Surreal Photography.
In 2014, I am challenging myself to design a new pattern every week. Each month I will assign myself different rules and create a series of four patterns that work as a set. Check out all of the patterns on my blog.
"3 oceans", a digital collage by Darklands Collages
oil on panel, 2014 / by avalon nuovo
Ville Kallio
Black Bird illustration by Koning